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Groups at Prism are pay-as-you go at $25/meeting. A sliding scale is available as we do not want finances to be a deterrent to participation. Husky/CT Medicaid insurance is also accepted. Advanced registration is required for all groups. Intake forms will be shared with you via a client portal upon registering. These forms must be completed prior to attending a group. Parents of teen participants are asked to drop off and pick up in the parking lot to maintain confidentiality of participants. We look forward to having you join us!


Second Monday of each month

Starts Feb. 12

Group Counseling for LGBTQ+ Teens aims to foster a sense of belonging and community and help to normalize the experiences that participants are going through. LGBTQ+ youth often struggle with feeling “different” than their peers, or feel like no one understands what they are going through. They want a place where they can be free to express themselves and meet other LGBTQ+ youth but often feel this is lacking in their lives. Through sharing, listening and participating in activities, these groups can help fill that void in their lives while developing skills of self compassion, active listening, empathy and communication with support from the facilitator.​

This group is facilitated by Jillian Celentano, LMSW. Learn about Jillian here.

Group counseling

Fridays, twice a month*


Starts Mar. 11

Group Counseling for Transgender and Gender Expansive Adults provides a structured, supportive and affirming environment for participants to explore issues related to their identity, the personal, social, familial and professional challenges they may face, and the celebrations they may enjoy, all while receiving support and validation from other transgender and gender expansive adults and making social connections. The group is facilitated by Rebecca Degnan, LPC. Rebecca is skilled at helping members of the LGBTQ+ community explore and celebrate their unique identities and navigate the challenges they face, while creating a safe and affirming environment in which to do so. This group typically meets on Fridays from 4:00-4:50 approximately once per month, although meeting days/times may vary to suit the needs or participants.

This group is facilitated by Rebecca Degnan, LPC. Learn about Rebecca here.

*This group is scheduled as we go. Once you register you will receive an email letting you know when the next meeting is.


Second Monday of each month


Group Counseling for Parents and Guardians of LGBTQ+ Youth will give caregivers a venue to discuss the challenges and celebrations they are experiencing and will help foster a sense of community and shared experience among participants. When you are going through a difficult time, it is often comforting to know that you are not alone, and that there are others who are facing similar challenges. With support from the facilitator, caregivers will take turns sharing, listening and responding, and will find support and community to help them become the best caregivers they can be for their child.

Register below today and you will receive an email once this group begins.

Group counseling

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Thank you for registering for our counseling group! Please check your email for a message with a link to your client portal. You should receive this within two business days.

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