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Prism offers Professional Development workshops for a variety of organizations, including one-hour and full-day workshops for schools, and workshops customized for businesses and medical practices. Workshops can be created for any other organization and can be customized to meet the time and content needs of your group.

*Prices are subject to change based on length of presentation.

Heather, Haddam, CT

If you are responsible for bringing PD to a school, Rebecca is the person that you need.

Kerry, Deep River, CT

Organizations looking to expand their understanding and awareness of this vulnerable population’s unique challenges will find a skilled and dynamic speaker who engages her audience with her passion and commitment to this special group and their allies.

Taylor, Killingworth, CT

Since attending this training, I have found myself frequently incorporating non-gendered language into my practice. This presentation has allowed me to feel more confident in my conversations with students, parents, and colleagues. I’ve even found myself kindly pointing out to others common phrases and practices used in schools that in actuality are harmful and disrespectful. I would recommend this training to anyone in a heartbeat!
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