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Individual Counseling for LGBTQ+ Youth

Coming out or transitioning can be an exciting time for LGBTQ+ youth, but it can also create stress, fear and insecurity. If your child has recently come out to you, it is possible that you are just discovering the struggles they may have been facing for a long time. Maybe you were aware that they were sad or anxious, but didn’t really understand the full spectrum of what they were dealing with. They may have felt the need to hide or suppress their identity for months or years, unsure of how you or others would react. This may have caused feelings of anxiety and depression, or even led to self harm or thoughts of suicide. Your child may be struggling with some or all of these challenges, which is frightening and overwhelming for a parent to witness. You want to help them but you aren’t sure where to start.

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The good news is, your child can find inner peace, self love, confidence and joy in their authentic self. Imagine seeing them smile and laugh again, feel confident going to school, or reengage in the things they used to love to do. The light is back in their eyes, and you feel you can breathe again. When they do face challenges, they now have the coping skills and tools to process through it in a healthy and safe way.


You have likely been trying to find a therapist to work with your child, but want to make sure that it is someone who understands LGBTQ+ youth and the unique issues with which they struggle. Luckily, you have come to the right place.


I started Prism Counseling and Support specifically to work with LGBTQ+ youth and their families. As the mother of a transgender son who identifies as pansexual, I have a passion for working with LGBTQ+ youth and am very familiar with the struggles and celebrations that they face. Through Individual counseling, I will help your child explore and love their authentic self, and find confidence, pride and self worth. I will meet them wherever they are on their journey, and support and guide them to find their own inner strength and self-love, and to move forward and thrive. This is done at their own pace, with no pressure to create labels or make any permanent decisions. I offer in-person and telehealth sessions using Simple Practice's secure Client Portal.


If you have been searching for someone to help your child learn to love themselves again, don’t wait any longer - call or email today to schedule an appointment!

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